Panera -The Hard Road

The second part in Panera Bread’s “Live Consciously, Eat Deliciously” campaign demonstrates how Panera decided to “take the hard road” by only using organic and antibiotic-free ingredients. The experience is a cross-platform HTML5 site that lets the user take the hard road themselves. Along the way, there are tidbits of information that the user can interact with and learn about Panera’s antibiotic-free policies. There are also obstructions in the road that the user must solve through simple interactions. I was involved in level design and asset creation, along with various tidbit interaction and design.

Three 30-second videos were made as rewards for the user solving simple interactions throughout the site. While not primarily involved with the final production of these videos, I was heavily involved with conceptualization, staging, storyboarding, and style framing.

The site also earned an FWA site of the day.

You check it out yourself here.

Note: The images above show small “pill chickens” scattered throughout the levels. These were intended to be a sartorial depiction of “lazy” farmers who regularly use antibiotics on their livestock. Apparently, these farmers were offended at the notion of being called lazy, so Panera had us remove them shortly after the launch.


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